Why becoming a YouTuber was before better and more fun than now

YouTube is a video site that billions of people watch around the world and many people want to become YouTubers. There have been times where you didn't need to worry about optimizing or making better content because getting views was much easier compared to now. Also, you didn't need to make any content with video editing it could be just simple and videos didn't need to be so long. For example, in 2005 first video named me at the zoo became the first well-known video on YouTube. Here are videos that you might watched 

Now becoming a YouTuber is really hard because there is a lot of shitty content and big YouTubers that block small channels, also if you want to make a video popular the thumbnail needs to be attractive otherwise your video wouldn't get any clicks. Also, you need to make better content than others and it could be a big adjustment to make. Before if you made a video really hard your Chanel could get boosted much faster and you didn't have to make adjustments for optimizing your video so much compare to now. Monetizing Youtube videos were much easier, your channel would be acceptable to YPP much easier and the process didn't take so long and content could be much more simple and easier way to make also you didn't have to worry about quality. Here are old youtube videos

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