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Seattle Travel | My Travel Experience In Seattle 

Seattle is a small city located in Washington state (West Coast) and also it's a small and beautiful city where you can see beautiful Mountains, walk in nature, go to space needle or walk/drive around the city. Seattle looks more like a central European city than regular US cities, the population is 744 955 in the whole city. Before I tell my story and experience in a city I will tell places to visit there.

1. Space Needle, if you are a fan of high view I recommend you to visit in Space needle and see the environment from a high view.

2. Museum Pop Culture, if you are a fan of the museum this is the right place to come, at the museum you can view the different attractions there

3. Pure Fish Market, if you are looking for markets or better to say flea market this might be the right place to come. There you can walk and see different things that are in the sale. Also, there is the cafeteria where you can 

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My story of traveling to Seattle

Going To Seattle

I went to Seattle with my family on February of 2020 to see what kind of place it is and see how it looks, also this was my first time going to the west coast of the United States Of America. I had been in America past 4 times (New York in 2017,  Miami, and Orlando 2018/2019). We Were preparing for the evening suitcases because our flight was at 4:00-5:00 Am in the morning (I don't remember clearly), then hours passed and the airport taxi came to take us to the airport. We packed and a couple of hours later went to the taxi and when the taxi came we went inside the car and we were lucky because the car was empty so we could travel peacefully and fast. On the way, I was stressing for a little bit because we had it to go via Amsterdam and then take Delta Airlines to Seattle which was 10 Hours. As we arrived at the airport it was quiet and it didn't have so many people because it was too late. Then we went to the registration to put suitcases inside and get tickets, but before we put our suitcases we went to register via an automatic registration machine. It was a little bit challenging but not hard at all. After we completed everything it was time to go to the security check, we were walking inside the check we put the things that we needed on the box. After this we went to wait for a flight, we had time so we went to wait. A couple of hours later the time came and the boarding started in the announcement they divided us by number maybe it was easier to get to fly and the plane was old looking KLM Boeing 737-900 when I stepped inside the plane it was nice old looking and it reminded AirBaltic Boeing 737-500. The seat was quite comfortable and it had good leg space compare to a new aircraft and I wished that new aircraft would it have that much of leg space and comfortable seats like an old plane but anyway when airplane got filled up with passengers the plane started to go. The plane revoked faster than some other planes and we were ready to go to Amsterdam. The flight was quite okay but I enjoyed the trip and it took some 2,3 hours to get it there and the sun was rising. Then the stewardess served a croissant and for a drink, I order a sprite. The croissant wasn't so tasty it smelled like cheese but it had buttery and I can't stand cheese or buttery but anyway I enjoyed flying and little by little the plane started to land to Amsterdam Schiphol airport. After the plane landed we walked towards the security check to the international area, we didn't have so much time but we were not so busy after we pass the security check it was time to go towards the next flight, and then luckily the plane was boarding and we went inside. The plane was quite nice and the seats were comfortable and it had a good leg space compare to American Airlines because I remember when I flew Paris to New York by American Airlines it was uncomfortable but Delta seemed way much better and better to say its Americas best airline. The plane was quite which brought an enjoyable feeling. Then a plane started to back up and go when the airplane started to revoke and go. I listened to music and enjoyed the flight. The plane started to take off and go towards Seattle, the weather in Amsterdam was cloudy and as the plane started to take off it got brighter because we were going upper than clouds so the sun appeared and it felt more refreshing, but the plane was shaking for a little bit but little times later shaking stopped and the ocean appeared, it looked like you are flying middle of nowhere but anyway I saw northern parts of Iceland and ice of the ocean, the view was awesome. At the same time they served food and on the menu was chicken with hollandaise sauce and salad was two optional. They had fruit with bacon style ham and the other was smaller cheeses. I don't like cheese so I ordered fruit salad with bacon style ham and bread. The salad was quite okay but ham had a weird taste, then I opened the food box when I opened the box there was chicken in a hollandaise sauce, rice, and some vegetables the rice was quite okay and the chicken was good but I didn't like the sauce because it had some gross taste so I removed it the sauce and ate chicken. When I finished the food I ordered sprite and then rested. A couple of hours later the plane started to shake but there wasn't any storm but the reason was that we were flying in the ocean area so the winds are stronger than in the land area. I decided to sleep for a little bit because I was tired. Then as time passed I saw Greenland and it was fully ice-covered and it looked like the bright white crystal clear ice and also it flew some area where ice was melting little by little and it was nice looking and some 3-4 hours later I saw a North Americas continent finally but we were not close yet to Seattle. First, it flew northmost part of Canada which has a similar view as Greenland, then when it was going towards Seattle some villages appeared but it was in an icy and cold area but I saw steam rising from the ice. Then as we were getting close to Seattle I started to see mountains from the plane and it looked amazing. A couple of hours later the plane started landing at the same time clouds appeared and it was getting more cloudy. As we started to land to Seattle the city looked really green and beautiful, as we continued to land we made to Seattle Tacoma Airport. The weather was cloudy and rainy. There I could see small mountains and I was wondering where are big mountains because I had seen pictures of Seattle and it has big mountains but the mountains were covered by clouds. When I stood up from the plane I walked towards airport security check this was the time before borders were closed because of this disaster coronavirus (COVID 19) quarantine. Then we went to the security check but before we stood inside the country we had it to go first via automat because if you travel to the USA you need to go to the automatic check before we went to the border check. After we went via automatic check the guard asked if we had been in China because of coronavirus but luckily not and the guard was really friendly. After check the guard allowed us to go inside the USA. We went to pick our suitcase and went outside the airport. When I stood out of the airport my father picked up at the airport and drove towards the hotel. On the way, I saw Boeing planes probably that were some factory area and many tents of homeless people because in the US if you don't have a job or some chance to earn money you have to live in the streets but this problem is in many countries too not the only US. Then when we arrived at the hotel we went to register but the rooms weren't ready yet so we had to wait many hours but we put our suitcase in the hotel but we decided to go to drive and eat somewhere. After this, we went to drive around the city and saw different places and then we decided to go to eat, on wendys's because it's one of the best restaurants in the USA. We went inside the restaurant and ordered a meal. The meal was really delicious and wendy's has really meaty burger which gives good taste. After we finished we went back to the hotel because our time was getting close. The hotel was the Quality Inn Hotel Seattle. 

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Day 1

Staying in the City area and walking to see different attractions

The first day wasn't that special but we wanted to walk to see different places. In the morning we ate and got ready to go out to walk first we walked towards the space needle to see different things and also there were museums, for me, it was boring because I am not interested about museums so we continued to walk towards Elliot bay trail, the city was beautiful and quiet, then we walked towards the bridge which took us to the Elliot Bay Trail. There were people walking and enjoying their lives I sat there to enjoy a view and I was tired. When I sat I saw far of nature and sea. When I rested we continued to walk towards the Alaskan way, when I walked in the Alaskan way I saw cars on my left side and sea on my right side the place was quite okay. Then I saw a train crossing, at the same time I was filming the views and the train. We continued to walk and we found one elevator which took us up to the Bell Street Pedestrian Bridge before we went back we decided to go to see views from Bell Street Pier Rooftop Deck. We looked at the views of the place and went towards the hotel. Before we went to the hotel we wanted to go to a small store to buy some drinks and food, then we continued and walked to the hotel. 

Day 2 

Going to Seattle beach and restaurant

The next day we decided to go to the beach to enjoy views of the sea. On the morning we were preparing for the trip and went to the beach, first, we went in a car and then we parked somewhere where is these big sports park and then we walked to the downhill towards the beach. The nature was fresh and the air was cool like in northern Europe (Finland, Sweden, and Norway) as we continued to walk towards the downhill we reached one road which was close to the sea and in the same area there were settlements. We walked towards the beach and it was a little bit long way but on the way, I saw many houses and I was told that in the US you can design houses freely and it was cool because in my country you need a license for that but it was a cool feeling. I wished my country had the same system because it was cool to design without a license but anyway we continued to walk to the beach. Then another downhill came and it was the middle of the forests and there weren't so many people and I felt peace there. As I reached down people started to appear more and we walked towards the small gate which had a connection to the beach. When I walked there was some water coming down from the ground probably a pipe had burst so I had to walk carefully so my shoes will not get wet. Finally, we managed to get to the beach which was quiet and you could see a sea which had a connection to the pacific ocean, the sea was clear and cold so it wasn't eligible for swimming. We saw the view of the sea and little by little we decided to go to the one restaurant called Moonshine BBQWe walked towards the car and drove to the restaurant when we went there the restaurant was a wooden building and it reminded more like northern European building, we sat there and thought what to order. There were a couple of workers but one woman who served food asked what to order but we wanted to wait. I ordered a burger with french fries and for drink sprite. As I decided what to order with my family the server came again and we ordered. The server was really friendly and happy, then as we made an order we waited for the food to come. First drinks arrived and then the food came to the table, first, I tasted french fries and it was one of the best fries way much better than McDonald's or any fast food, then I taste burger and it was very delicious, on the table there were sauces and I put BBQ on the burger. After we ate we took car back to the hotel.

moonshine bbq

Day 3

Going To Fish Market and walking 

We had a plan to go to the fish market two days ago and this was the same day when we walked to the Elliot bay trail. In the morning we were preparing and walked towards the fish market. On the way, I looked at different buildings and the city then we turned to the uphill because the market was another side of the hill. Then we made it to the market as we went inside there was a lot of seafood for sale I mean fish, octopus, crab and different stuff too. The food wasn't the only thing that was on sale there was also other stuff that was on sale. As we walked there I saw different stuff which was on sale and sometimes the smell was unpleasant as we walked inside there we went out from the other door because we wanted to go to find if we wanted to find some small shop, as we walked to the downhill we found Pirkko shop, my family wanted to try something but I waited outside because I wasn't interested about cloth shop. Then we walked back to the fish market because we wanted to go back to the hotel. As we walked on the fish market we wanted to see some cafeteria. There was some way down and some cafeterias were located there. After we walked we didn't find any good cafeteria plus I was getting bored and tired so we decided to walk back to the hotel. As we continued to walk we went out but the way was a little bit hard to find because we wanted to try a different way to go back to the hotel, as we were walking we almost got lost. As we walked a half hour we found a place that had a road connection to the park where space needle is it easied the way to the hotel because our hotel was close to the space needle. Then we walked and finally, we managed to find our way back to the hotel.

Day 4 

Going To The Museum Of Pop Culture

On the day we were planning to go to the Museum to see different things also there was one horror exhibition. We were preparing and went to the museum the place wasn't too far so luckily we made for a couple of minutes there. As we went inside the place was quiet but then people started to come inside the museum. We brought the tickets and went to see different shows that there was. First, we went to the small room because there was a show about astronauts then we went upstairs because there was more show. When we went upstairs there was some show about satanic stuff and different arts. Some of the images were really strange but some of them were quite interesting, there was one map about tattoos where is banned and where not. My family wanted to see some stuff but I wasn't interested in it so I went to the big hall and watched some epic video and the music was played some tannoy which had good bass. As I watched I recorded it because the video was too epic to film and then while later we decided to go to the horror show. As I went there, there was a lot of scary stuff and satanic stuff also. There were some clips about horror movies this place reminded a little bit like you are trapped I hell but not so much. Then I found the stairs which took us up and I thought that there is some other show, similar to this but it was another gate to outside. I came back and watched things that were shown. A while later I bot bored and went back to the hotel.


At the evening we wanted to go outside to walk but fires we rested, as I watched one video my father said to put the volume off or headphones but I had already and as I listened to my father I heard some alarm and that was the moment that I realized that its a fire alarm. Then my father opened a door and the alarm sounded really loud, the sound was so loud that you could feel someone whistles on your ear. Then I decided to go out of the building but the alarm stopped and I didn't know what was the reason. Then as I walked downstairs I asked employees what caused the reason and the employee said that it was done by mistake and as I went out I saw a fire truck coming but there was no evacuation luckily. Then I waited for my family downstairs and went out to walk. We made a circle and before we walked back to the hotel we wanted to go to McDonald's to bring some dessert. After this went back to the hotel. This was the last day of our trip

Heading 1

Day 5


Leaving from the Seattle

We were preparing for return because we booked for 5 days but the trip was really exciting I wish I could come and visit Seattle again but sometimes its good to go back. We were preparing suitcases and after the time we arrived, we went to the airport. On the way, I saw mountains and there was one mount called Mount Rainer which was so huge and it went so high that you can see the snow top of it. After we went inside the airport we went to the registration, put suitcases and we were ready to go via a security check to the gate. After we passed everything we had it to go via AirTrain because to our terminal we need an AirTrain, when I stood inside the AirTrain it looked like Subway (Metro). It took a couple of stations to get to our terminal, then as we reached our terminal we waited for an airplane. A couple of hours later our time arrived and the boarding started, and we went inside the airplane. The weather was sunny and not windy and the flight was some 9 hours and 50 minutes less than the going trip. Then the airplane started to go and as it took off I saw first the flat part of the city and a couple of minutes later we flew a top of the mountains area which looked fantastic that I had it to take pictures and videos. This flight was one of the most epic flight ever. It took 15-30 minutes to fly via mountain area on the map I saw that the plane crossing the US and Canada Border and a couple of minutes later the mountains started disappearing and I saw some cold desert that was dry but it didn't look like in Sahara because the ground was way much harder because it was on the cold area. Then I saw a plane crossing to the snow area and the sun started to set faster because we were flying towards the night area. If you travel Europe to the USA it feels like time freeze because on the going trip our plane took off from Amsterdam on the morning ad landed on Seattle in the morning but on the return trip it feels like time is speeding faster.  Then 2 hours later it got really dark and I saw northern lights because we were flying via Greenland so the plane was moving towards the north pole. Northern lights looked beautiful it didn't look like in pictures they describe them being bright green it was more like frosted green but beautiful. Then I rested the round trip was much more claimer than the going trip because it didn't have any turbulence. I enjoyed the trip it was one of the most enjoyable trips it was better much enjoyable than the going trip. Then a couple of hours later the plane reached the Europes side and it was one of the most enjoyable trips ever. Then as we got closer the planes crossed the UK and I saw some lights below and planes rising from the UK. Then after the plane crossed the UK I saw the north sea and wind power started to appear probably in the Netherlands they use wind power because there are enough winds. And finally, we reached the European Continent. After this, the plane started to land and we managed back to Amsterdams Schipol airport. Then we went back to the EU area via the security check. Then we waited for KLM plane to take us back to My country so we walked towards the place, the airport looked similar like berlins Tegel airport 

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