Is Lucky Winner Legit Or Scam?

lucky winner

In Google Play there is one lucky winner make money apps that claim to pay you real money to you to Paypal or give an amazon gift card for playing the game. I am not telling any lies or manipulate you I am telling my experience about this app if it's legit or a scam. One day I was on my phone and then one ad came that there is this app which claims to pay you real money and I was really excited and downloaded to try. The app wasn't bad and the design was not bad, first, it gave a 30$ bonus which was nice. First, I tried lucky wheel where you have to watch many ads to stop the wheel and you can win real money or tokens, that wasn't too bad then I played dice game where you press dice button to throw dice to move different points and sometimes win something. After playing lucky dice game I tried slots, not the real slots where you throw real money this slot was free where you loose tokens which aren't real money. I tried also lucky raffle and lucky knife game where you throw a knife to the spinning wheel and avoid hitting into the bomb. The games that I like the most was the lucky wheel and the lucky knife. When I slept the idea came to use an auto clicker to lucky wheel game so I don't need to watch too many ads and reach 100$ USD fast. After I played many days I reached 96$ but you could exchange tokens to USD. I had 4 million tokens (4 USD) so I decided to use all and finally reached 100$ then I went to cash out but when I clicked done there was written please try it tomorrow and a 23-hour timer was set there. It was frustrating because it would be excellent to cash out and get 100 USD to PayPal. After 23 hours I tried to cash out but there was a 23-hour timer again looping and looping over and over again. I thought that there is one time where is available so I calculated where its available to cash out and it was 7:00 AM. One day I woke up at 7:00 AM and opened the app to see if it's possible to cash out but the same timer was there and also text appeared where it said "Please try it tomorrow" so this app seemed to be a scam. Then after a few days, I updated the app and the Paypal cashout was changed to Amazon gift card. When I tried more days to cash out it didn't work so I decided to alienate. So in this app, it's possible to reach 100$ fast but impossible to cash out so I recommend to not download because you will not get anything although you are thinking that this app will pay you, NO it will not pay you anything and it's 100 percent a scam.

Here are screenshots about the app

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