My travel experience in New York city

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new york

New York, the place that everybody dreams to go, the city that reminds food culture, culture mixing, 9/11 and best places for

tourists, but how is New York in reality? If you haven't been to New York I recommend going there to see big buildings and

check out the city. I will tell my experiences about the city and how it was in reality.

First time in New York (Winter Spring 2017)


Going to New York for the first time

When I was going to New York I felt something different because before this I have never been to America. When I arrived in JFK (John F Kennedy) we had to pass in security and line was big after this check we had to take AirTrain that took as to the subway station. When I went towards the subway station (Metro/Underground station) we had to take two subways (Metro/Underground) because our hotel was a little bit far close to the center. The subway was ok, but there was no heating so there was cold even in winter times, it felt little uncomfortable because the weather was cold too and I did not use to it but the subway was dirty. When I stud off from subway station it felt so different, buildings were much higher than in Europe and there were people from a different culture. When we arrived at the hotel the room was small. I was really tired because of jetlag and the trip was too long

1st day in New York 

Empire state building 

Next day I went to Empire state building that was really exciting when I went to that building I was walking to the security check, I thought that there was not a long line because I didn't see so many people, but then there was a line before security check. The line was not so big but it was annoying because it was a little bit slow. After this I was waiting for an elevator that took us to 80 floors, the elevator was fast and when in the roof there was a funny animation. When I arrived on the 80th floor it felt a little bit claustrophobic because it was too high but the view was beautiful then I went 6 floors higher to see the better view on the 86th floor you can go out and see the beauty of new york. My family was planning to come and see night view how it looks in the night from Empire State building when night arrived we went to empire state building again and the view was cool, you can see beautiful lights that illuminate. When we saw the view we went back to the hotel to eat but this was really exciting experiences that I had.

view from empire state building
view from empire state building at night

2nd Day in New York

Going to see the Statue Of Liberty

Next day we were going to see the Statue of Liberty what kind of place it was in reality. We woke in the morning to go because the lines are too long and sometimes it can take hours as we went there was a really slow and long line so we had to stand on the line, as we were standing I started to get tired because it was too long and annoying the line. As I passed the line before I went to the boat with family I had to go to security check because they are checking before they allow you to go to the boat. After I passed the security check the boat had a lot of people so I had to wait for another boat, this took time but when the boat arrived I went inside, the boat was ok but the view was awesome from the boat you can watch the view of the buildings in New York. Before 9/11 you could view the real World Trade Center (Twin Tower) but sadly they don't exist. The boat was a little bit cramped of tourists. When I arrived at the place we walked around the island to see attractions of the place and statue of liberty that was huge. You could take a device that tells information and the history of the statue of liberty. The sea was turbid because of dirt that goes to the sea from the city it looked like the baltic sea. When we viewed the place we took a boat to go back, we had a chance to go to another island but we decided with the family to go back to the city because I was tired and hungry. When we stand out from boat there were breakdancers and we decided to see a little bit. After we watched we started to go back to the hotel.

3rd Day in New York 

Going to the history museum

Next day we wanted to see a history museum where you can see old ships, planes and other stuff that was used in history. On the morning we were getting ready with family and we went out of the hotel. The museum was located a little bit close to the time square, we took a subway to time square and we walked to the museum. Before we went to the museum we were going to time square, that was the first time that I saw a magnificent place in the world. There were screens everywhere and most of them were ads also there was a lot of people too especially tourists. When I walked there this place was huge and noisy. When we started to go towards the museum two random people wanted to take pictures with me, one had a mask of mickey mouse and another had the mask of Super Mario and I accepted this when I got with them they asked where I'm from and I answered after this we got out from time square and we walked to the museum. The museum was in the old ship that was once used in the USA and Vietnam war. The ship was old and I saw soldiers bedroom, kitchen and toilet how they lived in those days. Bedrooms and toilet looked horrible and I imagined how they could it stand to live there. As I continued to walk upstairs there were old military airplanes then we continued downstairs and I saw the canteen where soldiers were eating. Before we left I saw NASA's space ship but in the small model, they also had shown soviet dentist chair after this we left from the museum. When we got out there was one model of Concorde aircraft with British airways mark how it looked, in reality, this was a nice but boring museum.

4rth Day in New York

Going to Madame Tussauds Museum

Next day we were planning to go to that museum to see the dolls that were real size and height of famous people in the world. When I went inside we showed our ticket first and then they explained rules for us what is allowed and what is not, after this we went up and there were real-sized model dolls of a famous people first I saw Hollywood stars and I was a little bit shocked because I thought that they were taller but they are shorter than you think. I saw one doll that was the size of Robin Williams he was shorter than people thinks and then I saw Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) she was short too and this was exciting to see a real-sized doll which looked real. Then I continued to walk and see different real-sized dolls of real Hollywood stars. Then there was a doll of a guy who worked in a television studio. Then I saw politics, for example, Queen Elisabeth 2 who was a little bit short, Barrack Obama who wasn't so tall that I thought, but Donald Trump was really tall, taller than I thought and then I saw Hillary Clinton. After this, we went downstairs and I saw Real Sized doll of Michael Jackson who was shorter than I thought. Then I went to the Ghost Busters simulator. In the simulation, you go inside rooms and you put VR glasses that make you feel that you are in this reality. The experience was amazing and when this was done we went last time to see 4D movie. If you don't know what is 4D in 4D movie there is added feelings from the movie. The movie was animated and this was the experience that I haven't experienced before. Then we went back to the hotel

michel jackson
robin williams
barack obama
donad trump
hillary clinton
queen elisabeth 2

5th Day in New York

Going to Astoria (Greek Place In New York)

We were planning to go to Astoria to the place where Greeks moved hundreds of years ago and it felt like we are in New Greece but the weather was cold. As I entered the Greek restaurant people were friendly but there was one problem compare to Greece, prices. One gyro cost in Greece 2-3 Euros (2-3 USD) but in New York, one gyro cost 10 USD that shocked me because I thought that the USA was not so expensive but New York is really expensive and the reason is big population. The food was good but we didn't eat so much. As we went out we were walking back to the hotel. 

6th Day In New York

Going to the ancient museum 

Next day after Astoria we wanted to go to an ancient museum, we got ready and went to

see ancient sights. When I stood inside the building was huge. First, we took our stuff to

stand and then we started to walk, the main thing was that filming was banned but I didn't know. I remembered on one side where it was the residue from ancient Egypt I started to film ancient residue and the security guard was told me impolitely "No Pictures Sir" and I got scared because of the problems then the security guard said that "Delete this video I don't want to be there, delete it NOW" but I showed that I was deleting to not get on trouble. Then I saw the residue of ancient Greece and it was beautiful after this we walked to another score to see other histories too. There were tools that people used in homes when we continued to walk there were supplies that people used ancient times. Then when we walked there were things that were made of stone. After this, we started to leave and go back to the hotel. I don't have a picture because the filming was not allowed. 

7th Day In New York 

Going to Little Italy

Next day we wanted to go to Little Italy to eat Italian food, the reason why the palace is called little Italy is that hundreds of years ago Italian immigrants lived in the same area. When I arrived in little Italy the place was beautiful and there were Italian restaurants the place is close to new China, you can see little China another side. I was going with my family to an Italian restaurant when I arrived there was Italian food ready food. They served meatball that was big, Pizza and other food. We set inside the restaurant and I ordered pizza, the Pizza tasted ok, but the base was really crunchy. When we were ready we decided to walk to see a different view and then we went back to the hotel.

little italy pizza nyc

8th Day in New York

Going to the Natural History Museum

Next day after little Italy we planned to go to see the history of nature in New York. This was the same museum where the famous film called Night at the Museum was filmed.  We got up in the morning and started to leave in the museum. When I arrived I was standing on the line. I remember that you could it get out from the subway station and there was a gate that was connected. Everything was ok, but the security guard was acting strange and was also screaming. When I got inside I saw this huge residue of the dinosaur's bones before we could see views of the history we had to take marks with us the place was noisy. Then when we took marks we continued to walk and see the history of nature. First, we went to see ancient animals before humans lived. There were dinosaurs that were so humongous insects that was much bigger than now animals that lived on ice age times. There was a mammoth that had long teeth. Then there were different animals that I don't remember it all. When we continued walking we had a ticket to the planetarium, I don't remember what the documentary was about but it was ok. Then I continued walking and we were looking at some animals that lived millions of years ago. Then we decided to go to eat but before this, we went to see the central park in New York. The central park looked nice there were people walking there, after this we went to eat at Burgerking. 

9th Day in New York

Going To Top Of The Rock 

Next day after the Natural History Museum we went to Top Of The  Rock to see the views from the building. Top Of The Rock is a little bit shorter than the empire state of the building. When we went inside we had to buy a ticket. When I stepped inside the building was beautiful inside, when we bought the ticket we had to pass a security check that we don't have anything like in Empire State Building. Then we walked towards the elevator that took us on the 70th floor. We watched New York from the building, the view was fantastic. We walked to see a city from a high tower, then we went outside and saw the Empire State Building, Central Park and hole beauty of New York. After we viewed we decided to go the highest part of the building to see a better view. When I was standing I saw really far and everything looked fantastic I got a little bit demented so we didn't stand so long. if someone has acrophobia I don't recommend to go there because it's so high that you can faint down. When we viewed the view of the beauty we went down back to the hotel. 

Last times in New York

Going To Dallas BBQ and Buying souvenirs

Before we left out of New York we wanted to meet my dad's friend because we wanted to go to the restaurant called Dallas bbq at night. When we arrived there were too many people so we had to wait before one customer leaves, the restaurant had two stairs. When a customer left employee gave a seat from downstairs, there were too many noises but it was ok. I remember they had a party and fun, everybody was talking really loud. We ordered chicken wings and ribs, the ribs were so big that I didn't see before. In New York, you can get bigger sized food than in Europe, the meat tasted so good, then I tasted chicken wings but I liked ribs more. The food was so huge that I got full. I got so tired than I went to the hotel. Then a day after we went to buy souvenirs but candies are really expensive in New York and were not so good looking. The best place to buy candy be in the candy store. After that, we went to the hotel and started to get ready.

Pictures of a hole trip: 

Second Time In New York (Autumn/Fall 2017)

The second time there was not so exciting that first time because we stood shorter. But I will tell things that I remember. I don't remember the second time so well the first time.

On the second time when we arrived in New York, it was (Autumn/Fall) and the weather was hot, we walked to a different place to see attractions. The hotel was a better and a little bit bigger than when I was on the first time. On the subway station, it was so hot that you felt like you are in the hot room, it was more like in the sauna. Once I remember that there was a Mexican event. People played music really loud and it was interesting to see a different culture. Then we went back to the hotel, this was the same day when we left out from New York

people singing in new york subway

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