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Pórto Ráfti

Greece, the country in Europe that everybody dreams to go. The paradise of holidays, a country that has one of the best food in the world. Full of beauty, fun, interesting culture, sea, and famous mythologies. Do you ever have been in Greece or are you dreaming to go there if you don't have been? I will tell a story of my experience being in Greece and how it's really to be there.


Before I start my story I will tell about culture and places to go in Greece. Greece is one of the happiest places in Europe it's different than in Northern and Central Europe. In summer there is almost always sunny and hot.

Culture in Greece


Greeks like to talk and socialize with others. At night times they go to the cafeteria or to bars with friends. Football is the loving sport there if you have been to a Greek restaurant or cafeteria there is played football really often on the tv because it's their favorite sport. Greeks say hello with a handshake, hugging and kissing this can sound for northern Europeans distressing but in Greece, this is normal. Greeks eat really delicious food, most eaten and popular food is with pita for example gyros. Also, they love lamb, olive, and pork, Greeks put olive oil to the salad and meat food, the famous sauce is tzatziki. The general religion is orthodox Christianity but there are Islam and other religions. Greeks have a good relationship with Russia because many greeks like to participate more with Russians than the USA. Turkey is Greece's enemy country because in history Turkey killed many Greeks in war.

The 4 best places to visit there 


Many tourists visit there to see the old attractions of an old building that are left from ancient days. Others go swimming and explore the beauty of the sea. 

1. Athens 

Athens is the most recommended city to go to. You can explore the life there and see old things that are left from ancient. There are so many restaurants to eat delicious food. There are tourist buses that take

tourists to ride. 

2. Santorini is the most beautiful place to go as you know the island was an active volcano island before this catastrophic eruption happened but now it's the only rocky island that has volcanic remains. There you can swim and experience deep sea that was caused by volcanic eruptions.

3. Crete is Greece's biggest island where you can go often to the beach if you like swimming. Also, you can explore the beauty of nature there

4. Thessaloniki is the city in northern Greece where you can view the remains of ancient stuff

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ancient greek remains

My experience in Greece (2019 vacation) 

1st week in Greece

We were planning to come to Greece on a summer holiday with family to view Athens and sometimes to go Porto Rafti to swim. When I arrived in late-night at the airport, the airport looked pretty nice but everything was quiet. It was so late that we had to take a Taxi to my grandfathers home. The first day was not special we had planned to meet my dad's friend in the cafeteria and later we wanted to meet my dad's best friend in his house. The cafeteria was located close to Mesojio street in Cholargos, there I enjoyed frappe and a sweet donut. I was sitting in cafeteria for a while with my parents and fathers friend until I got so tired that I decided to go home to rest before we left to visit my fathers best friend. Hours later we left to my father's best friend to see him for a long time. When we arrived there we talked about different things with my dad's best friend and his wife. My dad's best friend had also two kids one was 6-years old and another was 3 months old. After we talked with my father's best friend and his wife it got so late that we returned back

IMG_20190606_142653 – kopio.jpg
IMG_20190606_142728 – kopio.jpg

Days after day I had a Greek lesson with one woman to learn how to speak in Greek because it was useful to learn foreign languages. At the same day, I had planned to meet one guy in the center who was in the same vocational education as me, he had planned also to come to Greece. I decided to go earlier to see him and I left the lesson when I left I was going towards the subway. When I was walking the view was awesome and it was a little bit long way to get there but there were buildings and you can see mountains behind, in some part, it was drier and another part was wetter but both look beautiful. As I get to the subway station I was going towards syntagma which is the center of Athens as I arrived there, there was a pride event and the internet didn't work so it was difficult to catch him also there was a lot of people and loud noise. The sad point was that I couldn't find him and I waited for hours. After this, I got done and returned to home because I wanted to rest and was soo hungry. In the city, there was so hot that I had to buy water for 4 times but luckily the water was cheap. Then days after this we were planning to go to Porto Rafti to see a beautiful view and swim there. There as we arrived we went to the beach to swim, the beach looked really nice and it was time to go to dive. I didn't want to swim too long so I returned back to home. On the evening we wanted to bring a delicious pita food called gyros. Gyros tasted really delicious and the meat like grilled food. We stood a couple of days before we returned back to Athens. In Porto Rafti the sunset looked really beautiful it's loveable there was one cafeteria named castle which didn't work because of decoration, I was not one hundred percent sure if it was a decoration but I was disappointed there was another cafeteria little bit far from our house but there was really beautiful. On the evening we wanted to go to the cafeteria to enjoy the view and have some coffee, I took frappe to enjoy. I talked with my family before we returned home. Before we came back to Athens we were going to swim every morning and day and there everything was fun. 

Pórto Ráfti
Pórto Ráfti
Porto Rafti
Pórto Ráfti
Porto Rafti
Porto Rafti
Porto Rafti
Porto Rafti
Porto Rafti

2nd Week in Greece​ 


When we arrived in Athens we had planned to go to the restaurant to meet my father's friend and another time my father's other friend to go to the cafeteria, of course, they were not the same people that we meet in the first week. Days after we went to the restaurant to eat with my father's friend's family to eat Greek food. We ordered Gyros, Kebab, pita, french fries, Tzatziki, chicken and toasted bread. First, I ate gyros that tasted so good like smoked pork meat, then I ate Kebab, french fries, and pita. After we ate we talked and waited for a desert to come, we ordered pannacotta that is milky creamy sadly I didn't like milk so I didn't eat. I just looked around and enjoyed t nice view of the restaurant.​

greek kebab
greek fried bread
greek chicken

Next day wasn't so special I stood in the home but in the evening I went to walk with my family. I was looking at the view of Cholargos and the sky looked beautiful I saw a school that was not so special as I continued to walk upon the hill I went to the little shopping mall. The building was ok but everything was closed it looked derelict then I walked to another side which we continued walking down to Messojio street but first, my father wanted to visit my best friend's house if he is in the home. He was swimming and they were coming late so we continued to walk, we wanted to go to the cafeteria called bread factory. The building was huge and the selection was excellent. I ordered peace of chocolate cake and the taste was really good. When we enjoyed we walked back home

Chocolate cake

Next day we were planning with my family to go to the restaurant to meet my grandfather's sister and family but in the morning I went to the cafeteria with my grandfather to talk about different things, I enjoyed a nice frappe. The feeling was awesome I loved the feelings there, it was enjoyable. Then we went back home and ready to go to the restaurant. As we arrived at the restaurant was pretty nice first we sat down and thought about what we should order. We ordered fried cucumber, steak, beef burger, french fries and also this famous tzatziki sauce. We waited there until the food came, first I tasted french fries and fried cucumber the taste was excellent, fried cucumber was salty and crunchy the fries were crunchy and really tasty. In Greece, they add oregano to fries because it gives a better taste and the best was with tzatziki. Then I ate a steak and the steak tasted like smoked meat, it was one of the best taste ever, of course, adding lemon gives better flavor. Finally, I ate the beef burger and it was pretty good. We continued eating and before we left back to home we rested and talked for a while. After talking we left back home. 

greek french fries
greek restaurant
fried cucumber
pork steak

Next day we were planning to go to meet my father's friend to go to the cafeteria, a day I was resting before the evening arrived. When evening arrived we went to the subway station to neos kosmos to take the tram because the place was a little bit far from the subway station and with tram it would be easier and faster. When we arrived we went to the children's park because their daughter was playing there when we arrived the place was nice looking it was like a forest. There were lots of happy children playing and it was nice to be there, we were going to the cafeteria to enjoy when I was walking towards cafeteria there was a beautiful sunset and fountain. The fountain was beautiful, but it smelled like chlorine. When we set on cafeteria I was not sure what to order, but there was a suggestion about chocolate calzone. I ordered a chocolate calzone and waited there until the cake arrived. The waiter was really friendly and cut this cake to pieces he said that there was one tourist who came because of this cake. Then I toke one piece of cake, this cake was served with ice cream and it was one of the tastiest cake that I had. The ice cream was not so good but I ate it. After the waiter came and asked where we were from we said that we were from Finland and he started to explain about his experience there. He said that when he was in Finland they built iglu from ice cubes with other tourists and the country was nice. Then he served liquor and I was surprised because I didn't know that he would do that. He was one of the best and friendliest servers that I had seen there. Then we walked back to him home. 

sunset in greece
chocolate calzone
athens view

Next day we wanted to take the computer to fix it because the screen was broken. The place was located in the akropolis area so we had to go there. We were getting ready to leave and we left towards the subway, first, we had to go to ethniki amyna and take a metro to syntagma station and then we had to change another line to akropolis. When we arrived in akropolis the place was beautiful there was a lot of tourists looking at ancient things, there was an ancient museum where people are looking a history of Greece, of course, we were only taking the computer to fix. After we took the computer to fix we were going somewhere to eat of course the place was not in akropolis the place was located in Omonia and it was top of the shopping center called hondos we took a metro to Ominia. When we arrived in Ominia we went inside the center. The building was next to the metro station so we took escalators to the 10th floor, as we went to the 10th floor searched a place to seat. Then we went to look for food there was different food choice. I chose rice with meat. The food was really delicious and I enjoyed a view of Athens, you could see akropolis and also the mountains. When we ate my parents had to bring a computer back but I left back to home.

ancient remains in greek metro station
ancient remains in greek metro station
rice with meat
ancient remains in greek metro station
ancient remains in greek metro station
hondos omonia
ancient remains in greek metro station
IMG_20190610_140519 (1).jpg
ancient remains in greek metro station
park in athens
greek orthodox church
ancient remains in greek metro station

Days after we went to the Greek restaurant again to meet my father's friend again. This was the same restaurant that on the first time and we met the same people. When we went there we ordered gyros, kebab, souvlaki, french fries with sauce, pita bread, and fried bread. For a drink, we ordered first a wine. Before the food came I tasted the wine that had a sour taste but pretty good. Then I ate gyros and it tasted really good after I ate gyros I tasted kebab. Kebab tasted a little bit like meatloaf, but it was really good. I tasted a sauce which was top of french fries, the sauce was mixed with mayonnaise and tomato, but it was not my favorite. The food was really good and I enjoyed so much. After drinking a wine I wanted beer because it was not enough and it made me mind. This doesn't mean that I'm an alcohol fan but I like to drink beer or wine with food, because it's cultural. After this, we talked and said goodbye to them, because we had 2 weeks. 

greek wine
greek fried bread
french fries with sauce

3rd Week in Greece

We left from Athens to Porto Rafti again to swim and enjoy a holiday but sadly it was the summer holiday's last time because we had two weeks left and the week after we wanted to stay in Athens to get ready.

In Porto Rafti we enjoyed swimming and sometimes we went to walk to watch beautiful views of Greece.

One day my sister's friend came to Porto Rafti because she wanted to meet my sister.

The day was not special I remember that before she came we went swimming in the day time when evening arrived my sister and father left to the airport to bring her but I enjoyed a beautiful view of the sunset.

A day after another my sister's friend came another guest arrived and she was my sister's friend too.

We didn't have space so I and my father decided to go to Athens at night and return back in the morning.

At the day we went swimming and later my father brought her, in the evening I and my father returned back to Athens to stay at night times. On the morning I was really tired and we went right away to the car we were busy so we stopped In Markopoulo to eat breakfast before we continued the weather was getting warm and it was at the sunny day always. When we continued we went to Porto Rafti to swim and spend time there. In the evening we wanted to bring Pizza so we left and brought before we left. I was going with my father and mother to pizzeria to bring a pizza. When we brought pizza back we started to eat, of course, the pizza was not good at all and I felt can they make pizza anymore or it's my taste that has changed by the way I continued eating. When I finished I left back to Athens with my father. A couple of days after my sister left with my friends to her friend's house, the place was in Dilesi which was far from Porto Raft. I stayed with my mother and father, in the evening we enjoyed a sweet before we went to sleep. Day after my father's best friend and another friend came to visit us. Before they came we started cooking food and hours later they came, we agreed that we will go to the beach with them to swim. I swam with my father and his best friend when I swam the bottom looked beautiful but there were plastic stuff and other garbage It was dramatic looking and I was wondering how people ruin this beautiful place on earth. The Mediterranean environment is like heaven on eath. Then after swimming, I left alone home because I wanted to go earlier. The weather was nice but windy. Hours later my mother and my father's best friend came with baby because it was so windy that could be harmful to the baby. I stood with them for a little bit until I decided to go back to the beach to see my father, his best friend, my father's best friend's 6-year old child and my father's another friend. I stood to watch a beautiful view until I left-back and a couple of minutes later my father came with his best friend and another friend. Then they went to the shower and started to cover a table to eat. Then we started to eat and talk together after we ate watermelon and talked for a while until they left because it was too late that they had to go to sleep. This was the last day in Port Rafti

greece highway
dog formed cloud
human formed cloud

4rth Week in Greece 

It was a time to go back to Athens because we had one week left and we had it to get ready. When we arrived in Athens we rest and went out to a walk. One day we went to the city to go to the cafeteria and go to Monastiraki to see the shops. We went to syntagma because we wanted to go to the cafeteria first. The cafeteria was on top of the building but in syntagma and the place was called Public Caffe we ordered there popsicle but it was soft like ice cream and it was made with mango flavor. There I looked a view of Syntagma the center was beautiful. Then when we finished we went walked to Monastiraki because my sister wanted to buy a T-shirt. In Monastiraki, we walked to see T-shirts and Greek stuff, when we saw everything we continued walking once there was a group of black people who said where we were from, but I felt to not respond them because they are scammers. Then after walking, we made to the Metro station back to Cholargos. This was the last day in Athens center before we left. Next day it was the day when we left from Greece but in the evening, in the day time, we visited my father's best friend because they invited us and cooked food for us. We left there to say goodbye and talk a little bit different things, we ate there and talked for a while. My father's best friend wanted to take us to the airport because the taxi was a little bit expensive so he decided to be nice to us. After we talked we left home to get ready and when evening arrived we left to the airport. I missed the trip but hopefully, I can go there again. Greece is one of the best places in Europe to spend a vacation and it's recommendable

syntagma public cafe
greek chess
greek chess
ancient greek style
monastiraki metro station
greek dessert

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