Earn Money by playing games By WINR BIG TIME app legit or scam?

Making money by playing games it's a really cool thing and a new thing. You might have heard about all these scam ads which claimed to pay 100 to PayPal to you while you are playing games and watching annoying ads and when you are close to 100 bucks the earning stops and you will never get paid which leads to frustration but is a big-time app like this? Before I tell I am not telling any lies or promoting any harm to their business I am just telling the truth so you know if this is true or false. Here i am telling my experience with this app.

The big time is a Canadian game which claims to pay for you while you are playing their games, the big time has different games like BrickzToy Town, Big Time Cash, and other games in the game you play and as more, you pass with levels than more tickets you earn and when you get 10,000 tickets you cant to convert to PayPal money then you have chance to win 3,000 dollar jackpot if you have lots of tickets but it's really hard you need to have more tickets than others. But now I will tell my experience with this app I heard about this app at the beginning of 2020 when I wanted to search so I went to youtube and searched for some legit apps that claim to pay you and I came to one youtube video which suggested this app and I got excited because it looked cool. When I downloaded this app I tried some games and it was fun but to make money fast you need to play this game every day and night but the good thing is that there are ways to make money fast from this app but I will tell later. When I played it didn't may too much but these games were quick okay and fun to play. It was a little bit frustrating but I understood that this is just to play so I decided to stop while because I didn't want to spend my time on that so I decided to search other apps but I didn't found. Then a couple of months later I decided to play this app because I wanted to try if cashing out is possible. Then I was searching how to make money fast by this app and I came to one video where this is possible by game guardian app where you can freeze one game named Chrono Combine and make unlimited tickets so I tried but you need root to start game guardian for example parallel space but if you have nox emulator you can start root in settings. So I tried with nox but I didn't know it nox had root so I downloaded parallel space and tried it but parallel space failed often but sometimes it worked. A couple of days later I went to settings and saw that nox emulator had root and I turned on so I tried without parallel space and it worked better. When I was doing this with game guardian it worked better and I was earning unlimited tickets without failing the game but when I earned 50k tickets I stopped the pause mode and stopped the game when I did this next I tried to save this money to save if you didn't know this app has savings system where you can save your tickets so you will not lose when the draw is going on but the frustrating part was that the server couldn't read so it failed and I felt that this just doesn't work but couple weeks later I realized that maybe you need to stop the pause mode if you have a small number of tickets so the server can read. First, i tried from 3000 tickets and luckily it worked then I wanted if you can grow your tickets by 5000 but it didn't work, then I tried to stop pause mode if there are 4000 tickets and it worked so I made 4000 because later I would convert to PayPal money as fast i could. The earning worked until I reached 10 dollars when I reached 10 dollars I entered a PayPal email into this app and it said that it can take 7 days to cash out. I waited while processing was going on and after 2 days I went to this app and saw that 10 dollars were cashed out then I went to my email and saw that WINR games send 10 CAD (7,68 USD) I got excited and it was really cool that some companies pay you. This app is not a scam it really pays you but earning tickets can take a long time but there are ways to make money fast. 

Here is proof

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