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Miami is the place where everybody dreams to go and spend the holiday there, do you have ever dreamed to go there? If not just think what kind of place is? Here is a story about my experience being in Miami, but before I will tell places to visit in Miami and Florida in your life if you haven't been there yet! You should try it!


Here are the 4 best places to visit in Miami. Miami For Tourists

1. Gator Park, Gator Park is a place which is located in southwest Miami. There you can go to the propeller boat and see the whole swamp and there is one person who drives and tells information about the place, you can see alligators there, but it's funny there. If you don't know the swamp is used for tap water. Yes if you live in Miami or are a tourist there you know that the tap that you open the water comes from the swamp, but it's safe to drink because the water is cleaned before it comes from the tap. 

2. Miami Beach, Miami Beach is the place where you can go to the ocean and swim there. The place is huge and it's recommended for tourists. Sometimes there can be a lot of people, but this place is suitable for sea vacation lovers.

3. Key West, Key West is the area below Florida state and up to Cuba, there is a long bridge connected to different small islands. Of course, you need a car to get there.

4. Key largo dolphin cove, Key largo is one of the best places where you can experience swimming with dolphins

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Miami trip 2018

We had the plan to book a flight to Miami because my family wanted to show me the place because before this I haven't been there on my life so it sounded good to try something different. In June I woke up and was getting ready for the airport. I was stressed because when you are planning a trip to someplace which is far it's stressful. Then we ate and went to the airport, the airport looked quiet and not bad we staid a couple of times and then was time for the flight. We flew first to Stockholm to take another plane to Miami, we were walking towards the international area but we had time for a little bit so we sat down to rest. At the airport, it was boring and noisy, but I played and played with the phone, then the time arrived and it was time to go to the international area. As we arrived in the international area it felt strange because it was outside the EU. There I saw airplanes and the whole area of the airport then the time arrived and it was time to go to a passport check but there was a really long line which was annoying, but we waited there. Before they let people wait for the plane they asked questions to test if you are a threat, because the USA has very strict border control. As I was standing in the line they asked questions for me and my family and everything was ok so they allowed us to wait. We waited for a plane and finally, we went inside the plane, the plane was big and it had two seats on the window side and four seats in the middle of the plane. I sat on the right side of the window. The window had a special darken system because it was using chemicals to darken the window by pressing one button if you wanted to sleep, as you press the darken button the window will turn first blueish and then it starts to look like night, it was a really cool system. Then the plane started to go and take off and the whole trip took 9-hours to get there but luckily I listened to the music there. I saw the Norwegian mountains and Greenland's glacier that looked really beautiful. I wanted to see the Atlantic ocean well and Iceland but they were covered by the cloud so it was impossible to see. I saw some part of the Atlantic ocean but you can see only water. Then the plane landed at Miami fort Lauderdale airport and it was time to get ready for the airport. When the airplane landed I woke up and was tired because the trip was too long. Then we went to a security check but the line was too long so we walked slowly, as we walked we went to show a passport to the machine and take the picture, because if you come to the USA you need to do it because they will know if something happens. Then we went to passport control and went towards the bus to go to take a car that we ranted. Then as I stood out it was really hot that I started to sweat, in Miami the air is so humid that it feels like you are in the sauna or hot room. The bus took us to the car rental place and we went to register to rent a car before we continued, I was so tired that I wanted to sleep, then as we completed the register it was time to take a car that we ranted and drove to the hotel. The trip was long and I slept in the car because I was so tired, as we arrived the hotel was nice looking and it was named La Quinta. When I stood inside we registered first and the hotel was really nice looking, then we stood our room and there was some relaxing music played on the background. Then we wanted to order some burgers from McDonald's, but it was closed so we decided to order from Wendys. After we ate we went to sleep.

la quinta hotel
grenland from airplane
atlantic ocean from airplane
grenland from airplane
clouds and sky
miami fom airplane
grenland from airplane

The first and second day wasn't so special, because we were resting, but on the third day, we had the plan to meet one woman who was taking care of my mother when she studied in the USA in the 1990s. First, we went to eat breakfast in Miami they served it cheap with booking so it was awesome in Miami everything was cheaper than in New York when we ate I went to the room first and waited for my parents. Little times later my parents arrived in the room and we rest before we got ready, little time later we were getting ready to leave. As I stood out there was really hot and humid air that made me sweat. In Miami, it is so humid that the heat feels like you are trapped in the sauna so I started to sweat but I walked towards the car, the car was so heated that air conditioning needed to be turned on, then we continued to go to visit there. The trip took a little bit long but the place looked beautiful of course it's flat and you can't see rolling hills there I saw thunderstorm clouds that were nice looking and sometimes it thundered. As we arrived there we went to that woman's house to see how she is, because my mother hasn't seen her for a long time. Her house was located in an old people's area where they can watch how residents are. When we arrived there we parked a car and walked to her house, her house was spacious and big, in USA houses are more spacious than in Europe and she had a really nice yard that I can't see in many European countries it looked really nice and many people had golf cars and I was excited about it. Then we wanted to go to the restaurant to eat something because I and my family were so hungry. In the restaurant, I ordered a burger and french fries for my self. The food was good and the place was clean and nice looking. After we ate we went back to that woman's house and talked about our things, she asked if I and my sister can try this and I was excited to try how it will work and feel to drive. I went to the yard with my sister and drove a golf car, the car was comfortable and accelerated fast. I drove alternately with my sister. The air was really hot and humid that there were a lot of mosquitoes and insects when a cloud covered the sun it felt a little bit relieved but the air was still hot. After we drove we went back to that woman's house to talk and after this, we left back to the hotel. Then in the evening, we went to the bayside which was close to the sea coast to rest and watch views. In the place, there were a lot of boats, cafeterias and some small shops. When we arrived there we parked a car in one area where there were a lot of towers but they looked nice. Then we one homeless man came and asked money but I decided to help so I have one dollar for him and a man hugged me, he seemed a nice person but I felt bad for him. My father paid for the park ticked and then we walked to the place, as we walked there, there were small stores, bars, and cafeterias. When we went there we sat down and watched one small band who played some rock. Then we walked around the place I ordered sprite because I just wanted to enjoy the trip there. Sprite was a little bit expensive but tasty in the USA the bottle size was bigger than in Europe. I enjoyed being there, then when evening came we went to the restaurant to eat something when we arrived there we sat and watched from the menu what we should order, there were good options on the menu so we ordered French Fries and chicken wings with BBQ Sauce. The chicken wings were big-sized and the taste wasn't great it was a little bit weird. The french fries were really good, I enjoyed being there but the food size was little it big so I got full. After this, we went back to the hotel because it was night and late.

la quinta hotel miami
la quinta hotel miami
la quinta hotel miami
bayside miami
bbq chicken wings
bayside miami
french fries
bayside miami

A couple of days later we wanted to go to key west to swim. First, we went with my family to eat breakfast down to the hotel and then we rest for a little bit before we left out. After we rest we were getting ready to leave and we left towards the place. The place was far so it took a long time to get there, on the trip I saw buildings and then we started to go to a more remote area where was the only swamp where were alligators. Then we wet to the long bridge where you could see the sea there then as we arrived in Key West we wanted to found where this beach is located so we wanted to sort out but finally, we founded the place. When we arrived there we parked a car and walked towards the beach. In Beach we had to dress swimming wear, there was no dressing room so I had to go to the toilet. I didn't like to go to the dress where the toilet is because it was stinky and I was disgusted about the horrible smell. But I dressed fast and got out from there. As I dressed I went to wash before I wet to the beach when I washed I walked to the beach. I saw people enjoying swimming I tried to swim in the ocean but I didn't want to go there, it felt uncomfortable so I decided to stay on the beach. Then a couple of minutes later I bought a sprite to enjoy. On the beach, I walked, for the most part, after we were on the beach we went to see the southernmost part of key west. There we walked and saw the ocean, it was beautiful and I imagined what will be like to go more south, for example, go to Cuba. Then we bought a coconut that had juice inside and you could drink it from there. Then we walked towards the pier to see views of the ocean. When I was watching one man cached a small shark and many people were looking then I looked and the shark was really small. After this, we went back to the hotel to sleep. 

miami swamp
chicken family
miami swamp
key west ocean
baby shark in ocean
Baby Shark In Key West

Then a couple of days after key west, we decided to go to Miami Beach to swim. Before we went there we went to eat breakfast, after this, we got ready and drove to the beach. On the way, I saw houses, ocean, huge boat and area where billionaires live. As we arrived there we parked a car and paid about it, then we walked towards the beach. The air was really hot that I started sweating really quick. It felt like you are a really hot room, then when we arrived at the beach I saw many people there and the beach was huge. There I swam and wanted to look at the bottom to see what can ocean's bottom look like or does the bottom go so deep that you can't see anything. As I looked down the water was turbid so I could see very well, but the water wasn't really deep. Then I came to the beach and decided to look at the environment there. Hours later we wanted to go back to the hotel because we wanted to rest for a little bit and we wanted to go to small airports where they have these Cessna planes because my father worked there in the 1990s. When we arrived there I saw small planes and then we went Iside to see what people are doing there. There weren't many students because it was evning but I saw some people doing a flight test with the simulator. There were cabins where people could study and it was nice looking. 

passenger boat in miami
Miami Beach
Miami Beach Ocean
cessna miami airport

Days after we wanted to go to Gator park where they take tourists for the ride and you can see alligators there. We were getting ready and went there to see and it was the first time in my life where I could experience something cool. When we arrived there the place was in some remote area but the place was quiet. We went inside the building and bought the ticket, but we had to wait a little bit but we arrived early. As the time came we went to the line but we waited for a little bit, then they notified us that we can go. We went to the boat that had a huge propeller behind like in ultralight vehicles. We waited for a little bit and as it was time to go a driver who was also a counselor took us for a ride. First, the boat was slow but then it accelerated and went really fast. The acceleration felt funny and the sound of the propeller engine sounded like a propeller airplane. He took us to the middle of nowhere there was only swamp, plants and alligators but they weren't there. Then a driver stopped the boat and said facts about this place, he said that tap water comes from this area and sometimes there can be piss of alligators with the water but they clean before redirecting water to tap. He said that alligators are nice looking but really dangerous so if alligator comes to boat all passengers need to jump inside the water. But hopefully, no alligator came so we were safe, then when we continued to another place my hat fly to the propeller and managed to cut, I was disappointed but it didn't matter because there was another hat in the store. The driver tried to take the hat out from the swamp but it was late because my hat was cut half and sand to the bottom. Then we went to another place and there I saw alligators, they looked brown but some of them were sleeping and some of them swimming but they didn't care. Then as time was ending we went back to the place where we left. After this, there was one show also about alligators. When the show started they showed what kind of animals they are and how they react when you feed them. After this, we went to a small store to see what products they sell, there was also alligator templates. After this, we went to Walmart to buy food, and then we went to the hotel to sleep because in the last week we wanted to go to Orlando to go to see Disneyland amusement park, waterpark, and Universal Studios amusement park before the holiday was over. The next day we were getting ready for going to Orlando because we had to be out on Monday so we started packing. 

gator park miami
gator park miami
gator park miami

Living from Miami to Orlando

On Monday we prepared everything and left from Miami La Quinta Hotel, I felt that I will miss Miami but trying Orlando was interesting. Of course, we had to drive and it took 4 hours to get so on the way it was nice views. When we were driving we wanted to stop somewhere to eat because we were really hungry. So we stopped in one small shopping center where were fast-food restaurants, cafeterias, and Kiosk. There we ordered some burger from Wendy's after we ate we went to the car to continue towards Orlando. There the air wasn't so humid anymore so it felt a little bit easier as we continued driving when we drove towards Orlando we decided to stop another place to buy some dessert to enjoy it so we stopped to another place and ordered one ice cream to enjoy. After we enjoyed we drove to Orlando and a couple of hours later we arrived in Orlando and then we wanted to find a hotel so it took a little bit of time but finally we found it. The hotel was called the Clarion hotel. When I stepped in the place was childish because Orlando is a kid-friendly area because Disneyland is there, there was a big line so we had to stand for a little bit, the place looked quite ok but it had a small arcade inside the hotel, I was tired already. Then when our turn came we registered there and after we had done it we went to the room. This hotel was open and you could see rooms outside there and the middle of the yard there was three pool and jacuzzi. My parents wanted to go swimming but I decided to stay because I didn't want to come because I was tired. A couple of days later we had the plan to go to Disneyland water park to try what there can be so we got ready to go there. When we arrived in the water park I saw a plane which wrote "JΓ U->God I Love God" in the sky. It was beautiful and I took pictures of this, then we walked to the water park. When we arrived there they asked fingerprints to check if you have a serious criminal record. Everything was fine so they allowed us to come inside, then we went to the dressing room because we wanted to dress up. Then we searched for a place where we should seat when we walked some yodeling music started to play, the music was wacky but I went we walked towards an artificial beach next to the pool. There my parents took the sun but I went swimming for a little bit. Then we wanted to slide so you could get there by walking or elevator but it was like Ski elevator when we sat there the elevator rose higher and higher. When the elevator was going high I started to feel acrophobic also there were some wasps flying and I imagined what if one of them come to us. Sometimes it moved and stopped, when the elevator was on the ending point it stopped for a while. I felt uncomfortable because it was too high but finally it moved to an ending point where we got out. First, we went to one water slide where you sit on the stuffing and you go down for a long ride. There was a long line but we waited thereafter our turn came we sat top of the stuffing and when it was full we went down. The slide was long but I enjoyed there, after this we slide and swum many hours. It was funny there but then as evening arrived we went back to the hotel and the experience was really funny. Two days later we wanted to go to Universal Studios Amusement park where there were ferocious carousels so we got ready and went there. When we arrived we parked a car to the parking lot and walked towards the amusement park, first we had to pass a security check because in the USA they secure really strictly these areas, but we were ok so they allowed us. Then we went to register before we went inside, there a line was big but not bad. After we registered there we went to take a ride to the Harry Potter ride which was exciting. Before we went to the line we wanted to take our stuff to the locker but sadly the locker cost but they didn't allow us to take our stuff in the carousel because of safety reasons so we had it to pay. After we took our stuff to the locker we went to the line, the line was a little bit long but fast because it was early. After we went into the ride it was fantastic because there was a flying section played where Harry Potter flies with which stick, after this ended the experience was awesome. Then we went to try other carousels. Then on midday, we went to one carousel named Hulk, when we went there we stood in the line but the line was huge so we had to wait for a long time. Then when times passed our turn came and I sat in the carousel which was huge, I was really nervous what kind of carousel it will be. Then when everyone sat the carousel went upwards and it slowed after that it accelerated explosively and I screamed really hard because it was super fast. After this, we ate and had a break because we wanted to see the views of the place. After we had a break we continued riding, then a couple of times later the clouds were getting higher and darker so thunderstorm was coming but we had time. When evening they proclaimed that the park has to be closed soon due to thunderstorm weather. Then in the evening, the weather was so bad that we went back to the hotel but the experience was pretty nice. Then two days later before we fly out from Orlando we wanted to go to Disney's Hollywood Studios and I thought that carousels will be the same as Universal Studios. When we arrived there we parked a car to a parking lot and went inside as I arrived there the place was super childish. There were few carousels, first, we went to one carousel named Hollywood tower. We didn't want to stay on the line so we went in a fast way where the line wasn't so long. When we went inside the carousel it was awesome but no more wonderful. After we went out of the carousel we walked and watched one theater show where you could wear 3D glasses. After this, we went to another carousel called rock n roller coaster and it was the last carousel because others were for small kids. When we went inside the rock n roll coaster we staid in line and waited that our turn will come. Then when our turn came we went to one room and one video started playing, it remained like in the 1980's and it was funny then we went to the carousel and when it started going it accelerated really hard but the ride was short. After this, we went out and I saw a picture of it, after this, we went to watch the beauty and the beast show but it started a couple of hours later so we walked around. A couple of hours later we went to the show and when the show started it reminded my childhood because I watched this on VHS when I was small. After this show ended there was another show some hours later so we walked and saw different views of the place. As we walked there was a Star Wars event and the music was playing really loud. I wanted to live because I was boarded. After this, we started to walk towards the show but the weather was getting bad, once I saw a lightning strike but it wasn't so dangerous. Then the time was coming and we went to the theater to see a show but when the time arrived it delayed always because they weren't sure if the weather will get worse. Then the weather got so bad that there was a risk of the lightning strike so they had to cancel it so we decided to give back to the hotel. This was the last time spending in the amusement park. Then we were preparing for returning because our Florida holiday was ending, then days later it was time to go out from Orlando so we packed and went to the Airport. When we arrived at the airport it looked really nice and there was a place where you can sleep at night if you missed the plane, but we went to a security check and fly out from Orlando. 

sky arts
arcade in clarion hotel orlando
sky arts
star wars in diseyland orlando
star wars how in diseyland orlando
beauty and the beast show in disneyland orlando
beauty and the beast show in disneyland orlando
beauty and the beast show in disneyland orlando
beauty and the beast show in disneyland orlando
jurassic park universal studios in orlando

Miami Trip Spring 2019

miami beach

In spring 2019 we had the plan to come to Miami again, but we stayed only one week but at this time we tried something different. We were preparing to get ready and left for flight, but we had to fly via Stockholm because we had a ticket. The flight was 9 hours the same as in 2018, but at this time I sat middle of the plane. When we arrived there we went to one hotel, I don't remember what hotel it was but it looked beautiful. On the first day we stayed in the hotel because we wanted to rest, the hotel looked really nice and the room was big, the air wasn't so hot than in summer in 2018. The second time wasn't so special, because of we staid in Miami but we had to go to key largo dolphin cove and iFLY Indoor Skydiving to try what kind of feeling would be there. On the next day, we had a plan to meet the same woman again who was caring for my mother in the 1990s. When we went there we spoke with that woman about our things, then she said if we can try her golf car again and I accepted. Then as we drove this golf car it was slower because the battery was too low so it stopped, then we had to pull this golf car towards her house. After this, we went back to talk for a while and then hours later we went back to the hotel. Two days later we had a plan to go to key largo dolphin cove where you can experience swimming with dolphins. In the morning we got ready to leave there, but first, we went to eat breakfast and then we rest for a little bit. Then when hours came we went to drive there, the way was a little bit long so it took time. When we arrived there the place looked nice, then we went to register there but they said that we arrived early and our turn would be an hour later. Then we went out to wait but it was so boring that we wanted to make some coffee or ice cream and we decided to go to McDonald's. After that, we went back to wait and people started to come more. When our turn arrived there were two women and one of them was counseling us. First, we had to listen to instructions about what kind of animals are and how you should behave with them. After this we saw workers feeding these dolphins, they had really squeaky scream but they were cute. Then we went inside the laguna but I felt really uncomfortable because the water was really turbid so you couldn't see anything inside the water but it was connected to the ocean. Then workers came and gave instructions for dolphins and then they asked to touch them how it feels when I touched dolphins the skin felt really flat and a little bit slimy but they were friendly animals. Then they said that my father and sister should try to swim with dolphins and finally touch a dorsal fin to feel their movement. Then it was my and my mother's turn, first they gave signs for dolphins to make a trip and then they asked my mother to touch a dorsal fin and then it was my turn to touch. When I touched a dorsal fin dolphin moved really fast and it was funny to experience. After this, we went to the shower and got ready to leave back to the hotel but the experience was really cool. Then a day later we decided to go to the Miami beach to take the sun and swim, when we arrived there we paid a parking lot and then we walked towards the beach, at this time it wasn't so got so it was easier to walk because the heat wasn't so bad. Then as we arrived there the beach wasn't s noisy than in 2018 and at this time waves were bigger. On the beach, I walked towards the sea and as went there the bottom was lower than in 2018 because waves pushed sand towards the coast as I walked on the sea the views the bottom got a little bit deeper but it rose and then it was high again and you could see beautiful views front of you. Then I walked back to the beach to see how my mother and sister were. We stayed on the beach a couple of hours and I walked on the sea a couple of times, then hours later we decided to walk back to the hotel because we were board. Then two days later we had the plan to go to try Ifly Skydiving how it feels. There you have a person who advises you what to do and the feelings are like in real skydiving but it's in the tube. We got ready to live and left to the place, when we arrived we registered there but we were a little bit early when we registered we decided to go to the cafeteria just to enjoy ice cream. In the cafeteria, I ordered ice cream and then we sat outside to enjoy the ice cream. After this, it was time to go there and when we went inside we had to wait our time, then when our time arrived they asked us to go to one room because we needed to be explained how it works and how you move up, down and so on. After this, we dressed in a special suit, helmet and shoes. After this we went inside, we were five and one people could go on the time, I was nervous because I never experienced this before and when my turn came I went inside the small tube and the feeling was really fierce and it was scary but luckily I had one man with me I mean the person who worked there. I went two times until our time ended and when the time ended we walked out and gave these suits back. After this, we went back to the hotel. This was the last time on the trip when we went to this kind of place because our holiday time was ending but the experience was awesome. Days later when our holiday ended we walked out of the hotel and before we went to the airport we went to one shopping mall to see if there is something to buy, but I went to sit somewhere to enjoy something after this we went to Mcdonalds to eat something there I enjoyed big mac and you could select the drink, there was a lot of selections. After we ate we drove to the airport and time y time we fly out from Miami

miami street
miami beach
miami beach
miami beach
key largo dolphin cove

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