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The Mandela effect  the mindblowing phenomenon that no one knows

Do you remember things being one way and now it's completely different? For example some commercial, logo, or one section in a movie? Where the whole Mandela effect comes and what causes the Mandela effect?

The Mandela effect theory comes from a blogger named Fiona Broome who described remembering Nelson Mandela being dead in the 1980s but in reality, he didn't die in reality he died in 2013. The theory comes that parallel universes exist (alternate timelines) where things are a little bit or completely different. Did Volkswagen had a line or had Jiffy peanut butter ever existed or did the subway logo had an arrow in S? Here is an example that you might remember differently. Here are short examples that might blow your mind if you didn't have heard about yet




Berenstein Bears​ or Berenstain bears

You might remember a book called Berenstain in bears but in reality, his name didn't in reality the book has used "Berenstain Bears" and it had always called this way. 

Volkswagen logo together?

Many people might remember the Volkswagen logo V and W being together but in reality, this logo never existed, in reality, there has been a line between V and W

Subway Logo having only one arrow in Y letter

Did Subway had an ow on S letter? Some people remember where the S letter doesn't have an arrow but in reality, there have always been two arrows. I remember also back in 2012 where S letter didn't have an arrow but in 2018 I saw a subway logo having two arrows in logo and it made me think that the brand changed but when I looked it has always been this way

Mona Lisa Doesn't have a smile?

Many people remember Leonardo Da Vinci's famous painting Mona Lisa where a woman looks more sad than happy or does it? In reality, Mona Lisa had always a smile on her face but there were some people remembering her looking more like sad but if you look now she has a smirk

Star Wars line "Look I am your father"

Okay, this is really familiar many people remember the 1980 film where Darth Vader says "Look I am your father" or does he anymore? In reality, Darth Vader says "No I am your father" and this line had existed always. I remember this old line also in the 2000s and early 2010s but I realized this change in the 2010s

Kit-Kat or KitKat?

Some people remember the line in the KitKat logo but in reality, that line never had existed.

Heading 1

Theories and what causes the Mandela effect?

The theory comes that maybe in one reality you might have died and your mind and soul had transformed into an alternate reality where things have been a little bit or completely different than your original reality. 

Another theory is that maybe you have been transformed into another reality. When you went to sleep there could be one portal that you might not have seen but maybe you felt some force that pulled you to some other place which might be the same or similar but some things might be different

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