How to make money with WINR money-making games fast by using game guardian app

Making money with this app is not easy and it can be life-wasting to play and earn so little bit but what if there is an option to make 1-10 dollars or more depends on your free time in a day with this app with game guardian app. Here i am gonna teach and show how you can make money faster. The best way to do and recommended way is to use nox emulator on your laptop but if you have a phone you need parallel space 

First you need to download the game guardian then you need to have root-like parallel space but if you are doing with nox emulator nox has its own root and how you turn it on you go to settings and general settings and when you see root click and restart this emulator. After everything is done you can download auto clicker because it's easier. After everything is done open game guardian in parallel space or if nox you can open straight and click verification and then start after this open big time and click game guardian to set the app that you are using. The best way is to register if you have a Facebook you can register within. You see different games but the game that you want to open is Chrono combine then click one color and go back to the game guardian and press the search icon and press 1 and select (D: Dword) after you did this press another color and set in 2 after this is done do this pres another color and set in 3 and after this press one more and press 4. After this is done you need to see 2-3 lines in this program and try if you see some numbers if there is zeros don't press because it will not work but if you see for example some code like 1,1223,2123,223 press it and then press dword and after this freeze, because you want to earn unlimited tickets after you pressed freeze you can try and the green number needs to be paused after this use auto clicker and do until it reaches 4000 tickets because if it is over the server can't save.

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