My trip to Georgia, the country of beauty

Georgia for Tourists

funicular tbilisi

Georgia is very unknow country in the world because Georgia was part of the Soviet Union for a long time. Georgia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world where you can explore nature, culture, food, and cities. Georgians are very friendly people and they welcome tourists. In Georgia, the best places are to go to North Caucasus, historical cities and the beach. 

6 Best places to visit:

1. Tbilisi. Tbilisi is one of the best and historic cities where you can go to restaurants and also go to the high places to view a whole Tbilisi. Narikala and Funikuliori

2. Batumi. If you are a beach holiday lover you can go to Batumi there you can go swimming in the black sea. In Batumi, you can view a city and explore the beautiful views there. 

3. Kutaisi. Kutaisi is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it's smaller than Tbilisi and there you can go to view a beautiful nature. There is an old church called Bagrati Catedral 

4. Kazbegi. If you are a nature lover Kazbegi is best for you. In Kazbegi there are really high mountains where you can view a whole village, there are so high mountains that have snow top of it. In Kazbegi the best place to claim is Stepantsminda there you can also go inside to church. 

5. Ananuri. In Ananuri you can swim inside a lake or go to the old church. The place is really beautiful and it's recommendable for tourists.

6. Bakuriani. If you love skiing this will be recommendable for you. There you can ski or snowboard in the mountains because it's so high that the mountain has snow top of it. The best time to go is in the wintertime

More Information:

Here is the best explanation about Georgia and you can get more information there


For Nature Lovers:

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Guest House Mekvena
metekhi church

1st Week in Georgia

At the end of the June morning, we arrived in Tbilisi from Athens to view the city and see my relatives there. When we arrived at the airport I was tired because the trip was a little bit longer. When we stood out from the security area I saw my grandmother and cousin it was nice to see them again. From the airport, we were going straight to my grandmother's house and the view was beautiful. Next day we were planning to go to play ping pong with my family, cousin and her husband. We were going to the subway (Metro/Underground) station when we were walking to the subway station the area was quiet and old looking but not so special. We took a subway to Marjanishvili after we stood out from the subway I realized that there were no so many tourists, I was wondering about this but then I knew that maybe because of anti-Russia protest. As we arrived at the ping pong place the place was full so we had to wait a half an hour. There was a nice park where you could watch views of the place. After we played ping pong we went to the khinkali house which was located in Rustaveli so we had to take a subway there. When we arrived in Rustaveli we went to the restaurant, there were not so many people and it was quite ok. We ordered Khinkali and waited there. As we were waiting I looked at a phone and talked with my parents, the service was too slow, it was slower than before but there were no options so we had to wait. Then the food arrived and I felt better because I was too hungry when Khinkali arrived we ate, the taste was pretty ok but not so good, I remembered that before they could it make better. After we ate we left back home. 

georgian restaurant beer

Days after we went to Tbilisi center because we wanted to go to one place called Lagidze where you can eat Lobiani, khachapuri and other Georgian food. In Lagidze they make one of the best lobiani in the country, we went to Rustaveli to eat because we were hungry and also we wanted to show this place to my father because he has never been there. When we went inside there the place looked nice and we sat the quietest place we ordered Acharuli Khachapuri, Khachapuri with ham and Lobiani. I am not a friend of cheese so for me the best was lobiani and for a drink, we ordered one lemonade called tarkhuna. If you don't know what is Tarkhuna tarkhuna is made from tarragon but it's very delicious. It's one of my favorite drinks that you can get in Georgia. After we ate we walked to Liberty square to take the subway back home. When we were walking there I saw people getting for anti-Russia protest because Russia has occupied Georgia 20 Percent including Ossetia and Abkhazia. I'm not against Russia or the people there but my opinion is that Georgia should agree with Russia to not fight and make friends because wanting NATO is threat to Russia, but I do not support actions of Putin or any occupations, then if you are thinking if it's safe to go to Georgia in 2019? I will say yes because although this protest is going on people are still nice in Georgia but they are angry about it. But anyway there was not so dangerous and we walked to the subway station. The city was really beautiful.

acharuli khachapuri
khachapuri with ham
tarragon drink

2nd Week in Georgia

Days after my father and sister had flights and we took them there to the airport we said goodbye and returned back. I stayed with my mother because I wanted to spend a vacation much longer. A couple of days later I went to see my cousin's university because she wanted to show what kind of universities are here and she had also to give some documents. The place were located little bit far so we had to take a minibus there, when we arrived there first she showed me a building which was huge and i was exited to see the building after this i went with my cousin to one office because she had to take her documents there. After this we wanted to go to eat KFC with my cousin's husband but my cousin's husband was coming from work and we had to go to Marjanishvili station to wait him there. As we waited in the station he came and we took subway to Isani. As we arrived to Isani we walked to KFC to eat delicious chicken. When we came from there we went to Varketili with bus. In Varketili we walked and saw a lot of cute kids playing there we walked through the road where was my cousin's kindergarden and school. I remembered when i went there when i was small and it brought nostalgic feelings also we walked one road that was taking to my cousin's previous music lesson, we used to walk there with my grandmother, cousin and me when my cousin was going to music lesson. After this we went to home and i stayed with my grandmother there.

3rd Week in Georgia

One day we were planning to the Eastpoint to go to the Georgian restaurant with my cousin and her husband. As we arrived there the place was awesome quit quiet people but nice looking. We ordered Khinkali and Mtzvadi, as we ordered it took time. Before the food was ready we talked about different things but we had to wait too long. First arrived Mtzvadi and it was quite ok, but expensive then Khinkali came and it was one of the best khinkali in Georgia. After we ate we went to one mountain where you can view a whole Tbilisi. We went to my husband's car and he took us there, as we arrived there it was quit relaxing and there was one church, we went to the yard of the church and looked a night view of whole Tbilisi. It was beautiful, i saw Avabari, center of Tbilisi, then we took pictures and had fun. I was wondering that this country is beautiful but why they don't take care about. Little bit latter we stood out of the yard and then we all saw a beautiful dark red moon rising it was strange looking but beautiful I took pictures but my phone had really bad quality but it was so beautiful then the moon was getting darker but it was because of cloud. I thought that it was a lunar eclipse but the cloud did this. After we looked beautiful views of Tbilisi we wet back to home it was also late.

Days after I went to Tbilisi center with my mother because it was boring to stay at home and my mother wanted to walk with me. We went to Avlabari to see views of Tbilisi and also we wanted to enjoy. Sadly I had a bad day because I was annoyed about one thing we walked to Subway station to take a subway to Avlabari. When we arrived in Avlabari we were walking towards peace bridge that was built by Mikheil Saakashvili in the late 2000s or 2010 I'm not 100 percent sure but anyway when we arrived we walked downwards to tourist area there you can also go to Narikhala with an elevator which you can call Sabagiro I saw tourists, one person held parrot and also another person held a little cute monkey which you could pet. Then were crossing a bridge to an old city. When we arrived in an old city it got quiet immediately because in Avlabari it was too noisy. The old city was really beautiful and it reminded like I was going back in time to 1920s. After we walked from an old city we continued towards liberty square subway station. When we were walking upwards I saw ancient remains underground. Then we went to the Subway station to home.

Day after we decided to go to Lagidze to eat Lobiani and then go to the Funikuliori to view an night view there with my cousin and her husband. On the evening we were ready to go to eat, first, we went to Lagidze to eat Lobiani and Khatzapuri one lobiani was with ham and another was without ham, I tasted lobiani with ham and it was so delicious and I liked really much it tasted like bacon. As we ate we went to the store to buy a snack and after this, we went to Funikuliori. As we arrived there there were not so many people as previous times but it was quite ok then we went to look a view. It was beautiful and it was exciting to look almost whole Tbilisi. Then we continued walking in this beautiful old looking place there I saw this radio tower that was so beautiful. After we viewed we started to return back to home because it was too late but this was one of the best experiences that I had in Tbilisi.

4rth Week in Georgia

This was the last week spending the holiday in Georgia before we returned. Days after I had the idea to go to Liberty Square first and walk back to Avlabari because I wanted to visit this place again before we returned. I was walking with my mother and we talked the little bit about Tbilisi's history how it was in the 1990s because I am interested in the history of Tbilisi. But anyway as we were walking towards the old city I saw an old statue next to the hotel but we continued to walk back towards Avlabari to take the subway back home. 

We were getting a little bit ready because the time was getting closer and our vacation was ending but on the last day we went to the center I went with my cousin to print the flight tickets for returning, after this, we went to the shop to buy souvenirs for my friends. The last day was stressing because I was a little bit nervous about the trip, but it was really good to be there. Our flights were going really late so we had time to get ready my cousin had to go to her husband to the village so she said goodbye and left-back. Time passed and when night arrived I slept because of it was a little bit late and a couple of hours later we went to the Airport. 

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