Earn money by watching YouTube Videos by fetvideon xyn. Is Fetvideon.xyn legit or scam? Money making website real proof

Are you dreaming to earn income or better to say good income by watching YouTube Videos and fulfill your dreams? There is one website that claims to pay you over dollars by watching someone's video and as you reach 100 USD you get money to your Paypal account. But does this page really pay you to PayPal account or is this page a scam? I will tell my experience with this page and proof that this after you reach 100 USD. 

Before I start to tell this is not an opinion or I am not trying to control your mind if you want to visit you can try. I am telling the truth for you so you that you know if this is real or not.

If you want to try here's the link to this website

I found this website when I was watching youtube videos on Youtube's recommendation and opened because I wanted to know if it is possible to make money by youtube videos. As I opened the video was about a website that claims to pay good quality money by watching other's videos so I decided to register on this website just to try if that's true. As I registered there were different users who were advertising their videos or better to say advertising to increase their watch time to get better results. Than higher the payout was you needed to watch more seconds which was a big waste of time and the user who was paying was 10 USD and as the video ended there was a button below the video to enroll, as I pressed the enroll button I got 4.5 USD. Then I watched another video where you could earn 32 USD by watching the video. As I watched the video took over an hour but luckily it was evening, and after an hour the video was over and I got 32 USD, I continued watching videos and that evening I reached 90 USD. Then I went to sleep. On the next day, I went back to the page to find one advertiser who pays 10 USD and I found one video where you get 11 Dollars by watching one video. After this, I finally reached 101 USD and I went to request a cash out to my PayPal account. I clicked the amount that I had which took me to page to cash out the money to my PayPal account. As I went to the page I pressed to continue and then it took to another page where is said that you can cash out if you have 30 referrals which would take times but below was another text which claims to give free exchange and as I clicked the text there were some offers where you can pay for some people to their bitcoin to give some exchange but I realize that these people are trying to make money for themself and I realized to be 100% scam. I recommend you not go to this page because you can reach over 100 dollars but there is no way that you can ever cashout and these people who own this website are making money for themselves.

Here is a proof

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